Big data made easy with Nedbank Market Edge™

Nedbank Market Edge™ is the first and only tool in South Africa that helps you make better business decisions based on big data and smart analytics.

"So much of the world of innovation, and certainly payments, is built around data."Chris Wood - Executive Head: Emerging Payments and Strategy

"It's phenomenally easy to use; it's a simple application on your desktop and just the amount of information and data that you are able to retrieve instantly is great."Robby de Gouveia - Financial Manager

Executive summary

Imagine a world where you can have a quick overview of your business performance at the click of a button. So if you are short on time and quickly need to see what has changed the most in your business, the executive summary is the place to go.

Client view

Learn how Nedbank cardholders are responding to your brand. You can get the geographic data that lets you compare areas where your transactions are coming from.

Brand and Store comparison

Look at the changes in your business by viewing information side by side. You can compare the same store over different time periods, two different stores or even two different brands.

Transactional analysis

Get the average transaction value for brands or outlets for certain hours, days of the week or days of the month.

Share of wallet

See how much of your customers wallet is spent at your business, how their spend changed over time and if they spend at your competitors.


Find out more about new and returning customers to your business, while comparing merchant loyalty against brand loyalty.